A Sustainable Development Approach

Our work in practice, policy, and research revolves around a sustainable development approach. That means developing holistic and systemic solutions which work now and in the future. Social, environmental, and economic factors are balanced and considered in unison.

The Practice Platform

The Practice Platform focuses on the implementation of effective strategies, programmes, and initiatives to promote health and reduce health inequalities. This has included:

  • Knowledge building and exchange on early childhood interventions, de-institutionalisation, the social inclusion of people with chronic diseases and mental ill-health, and digital health literacy.
  • Action on the prevention of chronic diseases through national analyses, integrating promotion and prevention into health systems, and transferring best practices between countries.
  • Collaborating on Joint Actions on health equity and vaccination.
The Practice Platform

The Policy Platform

The Policy Platform works to ensure that policy initiatives at European and sub-national levels are joined-up and reflect real needs on the ground. This year we have worked on:

  • The links between health and environment ā€“ how our food systems need to change and how health promotion needs to be integrated into action on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Using the European Semester and the European Pillar of Social Rights as tools for boosting health equity.
  • Providing responses and evidence for consultations on tobacco taxation, integration of long-term unemployed people in the labour market and the EU Child Guarantee for Vulnerable Children, among others.
  • Engaging in dialogue with new partners in the fields of sustainability, food systems, environmental health, migration, and vaccination.
  • Building alliances on topics such as diet and physical activity, investing in children, mental health and the future of work, and digital health, including strengthening partnerships with the WHO Regional Office for Europe and EU co-funded organisations.
The Policy Platform

The Research Platform

TThe Research Platform contributes to building evidence for policy and practice. This year the focus has been on:

  • Studying behaviour change and solutions in our homes and neighbourhoods, in the way we travel and in the way we eat which are good for health, equity, and the environment.
  • Exploring what growing up in a digital world means for young peopleā€™s health.
  • Collaborating on CHAIN, a world leading network on health inequalities research.
  • Being part of the European Forum for Health Promotion Research, the Joint action on Health Information, and the European Health Information Initiative.
The Research Platform

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